"I had to pay for justice this evening". 2017

PERSIST BY DAY TO RELINQUISH AT NIGHTIlse VAN ROY and Jesse MAGEEIn the exhibition "Perist by day to relinquish by night" Ilse Van Roy and Jesse Magee investigate the border between perseverance in the known (the day) and the surrender into the boundlessness of the foreign (the night). They let their artworks communicate and balance on the fragile cord between light and dark. It is the existential no-man's land where their work is located. Attracted by the darkness of death, their oeuvre seems hopelessly looking for a glimpse of the infallible. They dig simultaneously into the earth and the sky with bare hands chasing the paradox that if everything matters then that matters nothing really matters.Their images are metaphors that approach these questions, pushing the viewer towards the point at which the equilibrium is disturbed. They seek to intensify the viewing experience, cause trouble and especially not to please. The viewer is confronted with the unprecedented and unbalanced as attractive counter-poles to a repetitive and fleeting everyday life.Ilse VAN ROY: black glass plate 10mm - photo-print - steel

Exhibition view - Muzeum L, Roeselare BE

  • Insitu work at National Glass Museum Leerdam (NL)

    “Ilse Van Roy is not limited to one material or one art discipline. She is therefore not an artist to be pigeonholed. But sometimes she just dominantly pigeonholes herself, in order to stimulate you to look at art in a different way.
    The subject of ‘glass’ in this work is the greenhouse itself, period. The floor with its ‘white’ bathroom tiles isolates this glass pigeonhole from its surroundings. The greenhouse becomes something abstract. At the same time the clean tiles ‘turn into’ various shades of yellow.
    This way they enter into battle with the (in)comprehension of aesthetics: what is art? what is beautiful? what is pure?”
    Arend-Jan Weijsters (1961), director of the National Glass Museum Leerdam (NL)